In case of an actual or suspected pipeline emergency, please contact Caprock Midtream's 24 Hour Emergency Line at 1-855-937-4242

Know what's below. Call before you dig!

These simple steps may be the most important you ever take:

  1. Please click HERE to enter information about your excavation at least 2 working days before you dig. You may also use call 811.
    Tell us about your project including location and what is being done, as well as all necessary instructions to make sure the right area gets marked. We accept GPS coordinates if provided along with detailed driving directions.

  2. We Notify Member Facility Operators
    Texas811 will tell you which facility operators will be notified about your excavation near their underground lines.
    We will provide you with a reference number that serves as a proof of your call. We also keep a complete record of your call to verify your compliance with the law.

  3. The Facility Operators Respond by marking their buried lines or other response.
    Facility operators will mark their underground lines, as they determine necessary, and you will be able to work safely without delay. Marking examples...

  4. Your excavation project proceeds safely.
    Begin your project knowing that you are utilizing safe excavation practices while preserving vital services, protecting property and saving lives!